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Pamparato 2020

January 2019

A redevelopment project of the ancient village of L'Ago, behind the Cinque Terre.
My Arching Team has invested with its skills and know-how, in collaboration with the owners of the properties, to realize a choral project of real estate development, aimed at the revitalization of the village, respecting the history, traditions, uncontaminated environment of the surroundings.
The project involves the construction of a widespread hotel obtained through the restoration of the historic buildings of the village, integrated with the recovery of agricultural land to grow organic products and holidays of tranquillity and nature
The Business Plan provides for the realization of the intervention using the "condhotel" formula (condominium plus hotel mixed together) that allows the owners of each property to enjoy the exclusive services provided by the resort, using the income from renting properties themselves, managed and put into income within the hotel widespread.

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