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Here are some of the professionals that make this possible!

MyArching is a team of professionals in continuous growth, which covers everything, or almost everything, the Italian territory with a widespread presence.

To find out where we are located on the map and where our projects are being carried out and the work already done and surveyed, click on the button and you will be redirected to the MyArching map

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Engineer - General Coordinator
Area: Liguria - Toscana - basso Piemonte

Design is the result of a synthesis of different needs, over the years I have studied and invested to develop the skills necessary to identify, among the countless possible solutions and combinations, the most convenient and suitable to meet the needs of my customers with special care to the sustainability of the planned interventions.
In the redevelopment projects, especially the energy ones, the balance between technical performance and economic convenience requires continuous technological updating, knowledge of the market price trend of each solution, ability to adapt consolidated skills in favor of innovation.
The ability to justify design choices of a tailored proposal through an economic plan, that attests the convenience of the choices taken, is an essential activity and a competitive advantage of those who will make use of my skills.

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